How to Watch Movies from Lenovo Laptop to TV?

Lenovo laptops users can enjoy multiple entertaining features into their computer system. However, sometimes people have movies on their system which they wish to watch on a bigger screen. Actually, watching a movie or video on thirty two inches screen would have more realistic and enjoyable experience compare to a fourteen inches laptop screen.

And if you have a Lenovo laptop and a bigger TV that supports HDMI you can connect your laptop with your TV and enjoy movies or videos at bigger display. You don’t need to call Lenovo Computer Support for using this feature it’s very simple and practically possible for anyone.

To make this arrangement you need a HDMI cable, but make sure to use a quality cable because any damaged port of HDMI cable can affect the video or audio quality. HDMI supporting device can contents in resolution of 720 pixels (HD) or 1080 pixels (Full HD).

Connection of Laptop to HDTV-
Nowadays, every Lenovo laptop comes with HDMI port to connect various compatible devices.  Plug HDMI cable with your TV through the same port which would be available at back of your HDTV. On the second end plug cable into your Lenovo laptop, as both ends of HDMI cable have same size port connectivity option, hence you can use any side as per your convenience.

Adjust Screen Resolution on Laptop-
After making connections you have to adjust screen resolution at highest level as the picture quality on bigger screen will become blurred if processed at lower resolution. Open control panel of your Lenovo laptop and go to adjust screen resolution or you can also go through personalization by right click of mouse on desktop screen. Or you can also take Lenovo Laptop Support Services to adjust the display as per the aspect ratio of your TV monitor.

Adjust Laptop Settings at Screen off Mode -
Watching the same video on two different screens simultaneously doesn’t make sense. Hence, you have to adjust the screen light of laptop at such level that you can close your Laptop and watch the movies on your HDTV only. Adjusting screen on power saving mode helps to maintain the battery backup of laptop, as it switch off the screen light and only application runs.

Connecting your Lenovo laptop successfully with TV through a HDMI cable will give you a high quality audiovisual experience at your home or any other place having these devices. Once you adjust settings, next time you can follow the same process to connect your Laptop with TV. However, if you need assistance for Lenovo laptop drivers to install sound or video driver or for any other issues just contact Lenovo Computer Support Services team for quick online help.