Smart Technical Ways to Maximize Toshiba Laptop Battery Life

Toshiba laptops are one of the most popular computing devices in the market. Toshiba laptops have several innovative features and boast of having strong laptop configuration. These devices generally have good laptop battery life. But like any other battery powered device, laptop battery tends to diminish after some period of time. Though battery diminishing is inevitable, there are certain ways by which you can increase or maximize battery life in your Toshiba laptop. Read further to learn few tips that will help you in maximizing your Toshiba batter life. Alternatively you can also choose to consult our Toshiba Computer Help Support experts to get a better guidance on this topic.

Manage Battery Power more Efficiently in Windows-

Handle the battery power of your Toshiba laptop by using Windows. Use the power management feature of the laptop to control the power options.

Visit the Official Website of Microsoft-
Go to the official website of Microsoft and learn about various power options in Windows. Also try to learn some general tips to conserve battery power in laptops.

Reduce the Brightness of the Monitor-
Use the Fn and F7 or F8 keys to manage the brightness of the monitor. Keep the brightness of the screen to the minimum readable level. If you are unable to follow this step, you need to connect with Toshiba Computer Support Services team for online help.

Remove Peripherals when not in Use-
Peripherals like external hard drives, pen drives, printer, mouse and others put extra burden on laptop battery. Remove these peripherals when you are not using them.

Reduce the Speed of the Processor-
The faster your laptop performs, the quicker its battery will drain. If you reduce the speed of your processor, you can extend the battery of your laptop. Methods of cutting down processor speed vary from model to model series. Follow the instructional manual of your laptop to do so.

Learn Some Battery Care Practices-
Follow some common battery care practices like turn off your wireless network when you are not using it, store Li-Ion batteries in generally cool temperature, don’t expose batteries to high temperatures for long time and remove the battery if not using laptop for extended period of time.

Calibrate the Notebook PC Battery-
If you are a moderate user, keep in mind to calibrate your batteries once in every three months.
Following these tips will maximize battery life of your Toshiba laptop. For any query or issue regarding your Toshiba laptop, call our Toshiba Laptop Support Services team through toll free 1-800-834-1377 for instant help.