Technical Guidelines are suggested by Experts to Install Bitdefender Antivirus into PC

When it turns to installation, bitdefender antivirus is very simple and fast to install. This is also very necessary to note that free antivirus is compatible with all windows versions that make it versatile and reliable for wide use in fighting virus attacks. During installation procedure, the most update version of Bitdefender 2017 can download and scan for current malware in your computer.

To install this security product fully, you will be needed to sign up or sign into your Bitdefender Antivirus account. The interface is very simple to use that makes it suitable for all kinds of customers. There is a button on the top that enables you to perform full scan on the computer, another option is the drag functionality that permits you to scan documents particularly. For ease of use, there is also simply accessible timelines that discloses all your latest activities. So, when you launch your scan, the progress of the scan shows instantly in the events tab not unless you wish to view it full screen via clicking to view the full scan.